Our Winter Preparation Package Includes:

  • Roof Cleaning and Inspection
  • Window Caulking Inspection and caulk if necessary
  • Gutter Cleaning and testing
  • Drainage plan
  • Water heater check
  • Sewer line scoping
  • Heater(HVAC) cleaning and testing
  • Tree examination: Wind damage potential.
  • Gates Fence
  • Crawl Space moisture monitoring
  • Rodent and Pest Entry Prevention.

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Debris Becomes Dirt Leads to Ceiling and Window Leaks

When debris from trees stay in your roof and gutters for years will eventually become dust and dirt. This will then cause leaks and drips and water to enter through your ceiling and windows. This is the main reason you want to

“Rain water is leaking into the house by the front door window. Please send someone over today.”

The Effect: Leaking Window

The Effect: Leaking Window
The Effect: Outside the Window

The Cause of the Leak.

The Cause of the Leak.

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