Our Promise to You

When you choose us for your project needs, we become the bridge for you and your industry partners. Through our high-performance results, you get the dream you’ve always wanted.

We create an experience that’s pleasant for you. No need to worry about unnecessary stress or avoidable mistakes because we’re by your side handling it all for you. We co-create and consult with you so that all of your challenges are met with excellence.

Bridge MR was founded by Michael Mok and Greg Ryczkowski, both skilled craftsmen dedicated to their work and your satisfaction.

MR is made for you. We work hard to exceed your expectations by working alongside your vision, using cutting-edge technology, quality materials, and extraordinary fulfillment.

With every project, there is your dream, and there is the final reality. We know how hard it is to match the two. Your dream design deserves to be realized even better than you imagined. We are the bridge that gets you there. That’s our promise.

How We Do It

Distinguished Design and Build

Most firms like us do all of their design in-house. We feel like that limits the value provided to you. Instead, we partner with experts in their fields to create exactly what you need.

We get the best designers that also believe in the importance of collaboration and co-creation. This is how we know they can fully meet your vision.

We provide end to end service, from the start of architectural and interior design to post-construction warranty support. Our clients choose us because we combine their vision with all the services needed to make it possible. It’s all on us.

Diverse Knowledge and Experience

We have a diverse, talented team. It consists of team members with complementary education and experience backgrounds like interior design, construction, retail, commercial, and property development.

Diverse teams create a healthy environment, and they are positioned to face challenges and create opportunities for your project. We have contractors, best in their field, ready to make something beautiful for you.

Local Advantages

When you choose us, you choose a local expert. This makes us one of the most qualified builders for your project. We have established relationships with your city inspectors and know what is needed to pass inspection to reach your vision.

Local also means we know the needs unique to building in your neighborhood. We grew up in Palo Alto, Menlo Park, Sunnyvale, Mountain View, and San Jose. This equips us to create the best possible build in your area.

Effective Partners

Your project success rides on us having great relationships with our architectural, interior design, engineering, retail, and subcontractor partners.

They are all critical to your vision. We choose our partners based on their expertise in execution. We also handpick experts who believe in collaborating and finding solutions when facing challenges.

Helpful Concierge Service

After your project is completed, we continue our commitment to you when you call us back. Whether it is for the same project or another need that has arisen, we are here to help.

What we are not:

Least expensive but Cost Effective: We are cost-effective because we  plan with our clients to specify their exact needs.  We hire skilled artisans who minimize mistakes. We have some meticulous (anal project managers on our team). We cannot do the best job for our clients if we reduce the caliber of the team and subcontractors.

Huge Social Media Presence: Don’t look for reviews on Yelp, etc. We are on Houzz. The core part of the team has been in business for over 30 years. Our business is 100% from referral driven. You will find reviews of my work at Artistic Stone in Mountain View on Yelp. You can always check us out on our YouTube Updates and blog. We were recently published in a professional builders’ trade magazine. Here is the article.

If you need references, we are happy to provide them. If you want to, we can bring you to our active job sites to see how we work. The other option is to watch our videos on YouTube.

What we do:

Treat your home like it was our own. 

We like the following:

  1. Clean and organized job sites
  2. Respectful artisan and subcontractor
  3. Giving options to our homeowners and explaining issues when it arises because 80% of this work planning to adapting to the environment.

How we plan and save you money.

Pull permits.

Draw up plans and design views. (We have architect and interior design partners as well as in house help to expedite your project.)

Colby AB

Ensure what you want looks like:

  • Floor plan view shows how the Tile will layout.
  • Elevation A represents the door side view.
  • Elevation B is facing the cabinets. We drafted this for our clients to see how everything to scale will look before we start work. 

Colby CD

  • Elevation C is the Window wall with the tile wall layout.
  • Elevation D is the Wall showing the niche shampoo box wall. 

Review Technical Specifications of all products: (plumbing fixtures, cabinets, lighting etc.)

Kohler Numi Specs

Look in the document and we will make sure the product you will work technically (fit in the location, have the correct power and water for optimal function). 

Save you money by getting the best pricing on major brands such as: Kohler, Grohe, Caesarstone etc. 

Save you time on returns and exchange of finish product. (Yes, Products occasionally come defective.)

How we communicate? –You are busy at work, out of town or vacationing.

We speak many languages and understand culture.

English, Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese), Polish, Russian and “Construction” Spanish and Food French and Italian.

Face to Face: Job site meetings are the most effective.

Our job project manager will spend the time to explain the details of construction if you want to know.

Virtual Messaging and Communications:

When you are busy we use pictures, phone calls, text and email along with tools like DropBox. In our experience, emails and text can be leasts effective because it can be perceived as negative or we don’t know what we are doing.

Virtual: Video Updates and Explanations:  

We are as visual as possible when you are not at your homes. This way we can best explain solutions and how we are troubleshooting issues on the job site.

Example: In this video, we show and explain to

our client what problem has come up during a remodel. 

Example 2: Design Communication: This is how we communicate installation of LED and Bathroom Exhaust fan to our clients.

How we are effective and efficient builders?

Effective: Deliver the product you specified

Time-savings: We are a “design and build company”. We help you manage the project and guide you on decisions you will need to make during your remodel. We help you procure products without charging a mark-up fee on our discounts. We do charge for our time. You don’t have to worry about whether the delivery will go wrong. We do the worrying for you.

Source of discounts:  Our team consists of people who used to manage retail distribution relationships meaning you are buying some finish products less than online retailers. Most importantly, you will not have to handle returns and exchanges when things do not fit or damaged and need exchange.

“We save our clients 40% to 55% off major retailers. For example, Kohler, Grohe, Newport Brass, etc.”

Relationships with Companies: We have some great relationships with manufactures and vendors who provide our clients great service and fair prices, and we pass the discounts directly on to you. The most important thing is they can solve issues for us if and when they arise.

Smart priced: We find the subcontractors who deliver what you need without compromising quality.

When you want to build a Tesla then hire the top engineers. Don’t expect to build a Tesla with cheaper parts. That is called a knock off.


How soon can you complete a project? We built a couple of new homes in six to eight months in Palo Alto during the last several years.

Built in 6 Months Lincoln Ave.
Built in 8 Months in Barron Park

We can find ways to speed up inspections such as batching inspections as well as getting more artisans to your home to move things along. Remodels sometimes take longer because we are taking things apart carefully, as opposed to bringing in the bulldozer.

Example of Whole House Remodel From Start to Finish: About 6 months with Delays.

Troubleshooting with our clients when problems arise: Building and remodeling is combination of detective work and troubleshooting. We do not always know what surprises will come up but they certainly will.

Our team listens and presents our clients with solutions. Sometimes, our client will suggest something we have not thought. In construction, there is sometimes more than one solution.

How stay on top of the latest ?

You want to integrate the latest in Smart Home Tech – Continued Education: We have partner experts whom we can talk to. We also attend annual conferences to stay on top of the latest. Products and code requirements change every year. But we feel building nerds and artisans so we will find the solution.

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