Here is a sampling of videos from our YouTube Channel that document how we work as well as share our experience with the world. Link to our YouTube Channel.


Soaking Tub Spa: Japanese Soaking Tub, Ofuro

Palo Alto Ground Up – New Construction

Rough Plumbing at our El Centro Project

Mountain View – Cuesta Park Remodel

Cat 6 and Walk Trough

Modern 50’s Ranch – Menlo Park

Finish Project Walk Through:

At the end of the project, Michael Mok discuss what our clients needs were and how architectural and interior design elements customized their dream home. Some of our clients are more private so we don’t make videos.

Busy? How We Communicate:

This video shows how we communicate with our clients and design teams when they are not able to meet us on site.

Design Tips: Eichler

When you or your design team need advice, we are hear to help you make the smart investment choice at your home.

Client Testimonial:

Our client’s believe we are their confidant and advisor on how create the uniquely customized home. Since 90% of our clients are personal friends and professional referrals, we would like to remain friends after the project is over.

Your Eyes on the Ground: Quality Control

When you are at work, we, the General Contractor is there to ensure craftsmanship meets your expectation. This video details what happens when a recommended tile setting team failed to us our quality. We didn’t hesitate to remove and redo the subpar work. We didn’t even bother our client. We just did it.

How We Keep Our Client’s Home Clean Through Out the Project

Demolition causes a lot of dust. We use HEPA filters, Zip walls, and carpet protection, and hiring a janitorial team for you is what we do.

Mudslide and Drainage Problems in Saratoga Hillside. Civil Engineering Project.

When El Nino strikes towns like Portola Valley, Woodside, Saratoga, it creates erosion and mudslides. This happened to our client three years after some mud started showing up in their crawl space.

Review the drainage plan of this project.
In this video I show how a Bobcat moves does the demolition of the pathway.

Whole House Remodel

Whole house remodels usually run about 5 to 12 months depending on the size of the home. For more go to our YouTube Channel. Link to our YouTube Channel.

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